Best Underground Clubs – The Wild Side Of NYC

When you visit NYC, there is a long list of mainstream attractions to see. Times Square, Central Park, The Empire State Building, and more. Go ahead and check those out during the day, but at night, stick to the underground. Below, we have compiled our favorite underground clubs in NYC. If you want a unique experience at a non-mainstream spot, pick a few from this list and enjoy yourself.

ZERO Party

Like the underground raves of the past, ZERO Party has no set location. It bounces around the city and only announces its location on the day of the event. Much of the business it gets is through word of mouth, but it also has a Facebook page that can keep you updated. The parties are usually themed, encouraging attendees to dress up and have fun with it. One of the more famous events they run is a pirate party that takes place on a boat.

Secret Loft

The secret loft captures the vibe of the underground but also keeps in a few convenient amenities. First, it is always in the same location so you won’t be struggling to find the venue hours before it starts. Second, they have a set schedule that features a broad range of entertainment ranging from typical DJ nights to live music. Be sure to check out the events schedule before you visit. You could be expecting a club atmosphere and walk in on a comedy set instead!

The Django

When entering this venue, you instantly feel an exclusive vibe. It is located in the basement of the famous Roxy Hotel, so it is literally underground. Visitors say that the energy in The Django is straight from the roaring 20’s with its trademark vintage feel. They play a diverse range of music but specialize in Jazz & Blues. The Django is also known for having fantastic food and unique drinks. If you want a bite to eat while you’re partying, this is the club for you.


This event takes place once a month at different locations in New York City. It features big-time DJs but doesn’t come with the expensive drinks and strict rules of a typical nightclub. To find out where and when the next party is, sign up for updates on their website. Beware of just showing up to one of these parties. They are generally invite only, so you have to make preparations and be on the list.


What makes Cielo unique is its location. It isn’t next to all of the other luxuries NYC nightclubs. Instead, it’s tucked into the meatpacking district. It is owned by veteran DJ Nicolas Matar, who built it to fit his image of the ideal club. Its location, ambiance, and top-tier performing talent make this club a must-visit spot. This intimate space fits only around 300 people, so if you want to guarantee yourself room to dance, come earlier in the night.

Blkmarket Membership

This is another event that bounces around. It takes place in various warehouses, lofts, and rooftops throughout the city. When you attend, expect to hear classic techno and house music and plan to stay late. These parties often rage on into the next day.

When the sun sets in New York City, it’s time to hit the clubs. Instead of going to a mainstream venue, waiting in line for hours, and buying expensive drinks, check out the underground scene. Between historic speakeasies, loft parties, basement bashes, and roaming ragers, you’re sure to find something for you. Be safe and enjoy yourself!

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