Copenhagen What To Do In The Gem Of Northern Europe


Copenhagen: What To Do In The Gem Of Northern Europe

Though it is well known among experienced travelers, Copenhagen doesn’t have the instant recognition that cities like Paris and London do. The effect of this is actually very good for you, the traveler. The somewhat small town of Copenhagen is every bit as beautiful as those other cities but without the massive crowds. The result is a more relaxed trip, less waiting in lines, and just as much fun. Below, we list the can’t-miss attraction in Copenhagen.


In the past, this area was a highly functional port for commercial companies. Now we get it all to ourselves. This is a delightful place to spend an afternoon. First, you can walk around and take in the beauty of the historic architecture, pastel buildings, and nearby harbor. Once you’ve had your fill, there are a variety of bars, restaurants, and shops to visit and spend the rest of your day. This is also a perfect location to book a canal tour if you’re interested in getting one. Travelers are generally very satisfied with these tours, so they’re worth exploring.

Tivoli Gardens

This attraction is a quirky mix of the medieval and the modern. Parts of it look like a historic landmark, but it is actually a theme park. You can ride roller coasters, eat at restaurants, visit dance halls, or even view its vast aquarium. The Tivoli Gardens is one of the best locations for families, given that there is some sort of activity for everyone. Kids can enjoy the rides and parents can get some relaxation time at a restaurant or garden.

Walking Tours

As mentioned previously, Copenhagen is a relatively small city. What this means is that instead of needing to take a tram or a bus like in other cities, you can see large swaths of Copenhagen on foot. In just two or three hours, you can have seen most of the big-name attractions in the city. There is also a variety of tours you can choose. The conventional walks cover only the most prominent historical features, but others can serve alternate interests. An example is music-based walks, which stop at jazz clubs and other live-music venues. The most popular of all is food-centered walks, which allow small samples from a diverse range of restaurants.

Christiansborg Palace

For a taste of royalty, visit Christiansborg Palace, which houses an office for the Queen of Denmark. It was built in 1928 but is modeled after an older medieval style. Travelers report that their favorite rooms are the stables, throne room, and chapel. Travelers also recommend getting a guided tour, but if you’re an English speaker, be careful. Only certain tours are given in English, so be sure to view their schedule and come at the right time.

Kronborg Castle

This attraction is about 30 miles outside of town, but its a favorite among travelers. Hop on a train, and after about 40 minutes you’ll be there. This Castle is definitely worth the trip. It was built in 1574 and has a signature medieval style to it. Beyond the architecture, it has a rich history, too. Not only was it used in historic wars, but it was also the setting of the famous “Hamlet,” written by Shakespeare. Inside the castle, you’ll be able to see gorgeous rooms, vintage weaponry, and even secret underground tunnels.

National Museum of Denmark

This museum is the best in Denmark and widely considered one of the best museums in all of Europe. It includes history and culture from Danish history, such as Viking artifacts, as well as exhibits from all over the world. Other popular sections feature art from ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece. This museum is very close to the Tivoli Gardens, so consider combining the two attractions into one long day.

If you’re traveling to Europe, Copenhagen is a fantastic choice. It is relatively small and under the radar, so you can soak in classic European beauty without the stress of big crowds. When you visit, be sure to see all of the attractions on our list. If you do, you can’t go wrong!

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