Fit For Royalty The Best Cafes In London

Fit For Royalty: The Best Cafes In London

When travelers make their way to London, they usually have the great English landmarks at the top of their priorities. They want to visit places like Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, and more. The food they eat along the way is an afterthought to a lot of tourists, but it shouldn’t be. There is no better way to start an action-packed day than to get some food and drink at a cafe, and luckily, London has an excellent cafe scene. We list our favorites below.

Apres Food Co

With charming interior design and a host of potted plants, Apres Food Co welcomes you the minute you walk in the door. Once you get to the menu, things get even better. While this cafe has excellent coffee, its diverse range of delicious menu items is its main draw. You can have a typical breakfast filled with potatoes, eggs, and meats, or you can skip straight to dessert with a brownie or sponge cake. Apres takes a very modern approach to their menu, meaning the food itself is sustainably sourced and they have many dishes that cater to vegan or gluten-free travelers.


This cafe is a favorite for both travelers and locals. It takes pride in its scientific approach to coffee. They take great care in sourcing the beans, roasting them, and making them into your delicious drink. Their food is fantastic, too, featuring sandwiches and salads that local professionals love. Note that this cafe is a very small space and will be filled up at peak hours. Come early or come late to avoid the crowds.

Coffee Jar

The Coffee Jar is one of the top cafes in the city due to its incredible track record of customer satisfaction. It seems that just about everybody who visits this cafe leaves happy. The driving force behind this is its owner, Maria. She quit a stressful job in finance to start the cafe and has brought a meticulous standard of excellence to the quality of food and drink. The drink menu is diverse, with many delicious coffee and espresso drinks. The menu is simple but does the job. It has pastries for those of us with a sweet tooth and sandwiches for more hungry patrons.

Bread and Bean

This cafe is a joy to just sit in and enjoy the scenery. Inside, the decor has a modern industrial feel, but what you can see out the window is best of all. Bread and Bean is set on a busy London street, meaning you can sip your coffee and experience authentic culture just outside the window. The menu has typical lunch foods like sandwiches, salads, and soups, and also has delightful pastries that are made in-house.

46b Espresso Hut

This cafe has a distinct homey vibe that can’t be matched at bigger chains. The reason is its friendly owner, who is often in the cafe serving customers and striking up conversations. The coffee and food are both excellent and get rave reviews from travelers and locals alike. One thing to note is that this space is quite small. If you come at peak hours, it is likely that you won’t get a seat. Generally, we recommend this as more of a stop-and-go cafe than a sit-down.

Allpress Espresso

This popular espresso shop is constantly serving big crowds due to its high-quality beverages and prime city location. It is used by all kinds of people including tourists, professionals, and local families. The food and drink are both well reviewed by customers, many of which consider it the best cup of coffee in town. Given its popularity, prepare to have a short wait or take your order to go.

Your trip to London is primarily about seeing the big-name sites, but you’ll have to eat and drink in between. When you do, stick to this guide of the best cafes in London. Visit them before your plans for a day, in between attractions, or any other time you need to relax and take things slow. Good luck!

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