Making The Most Of Your Trip To Paris

We’ve all seen the iconic landmarks of Paris in pictures and video. The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Versailles, and many others. Now that you’ve decided to go to Paris, you can finally see them in person. Below, you’ll find our favorite things to do in Paris. Many of them are those big attractions you already know about, and some are a bit less mainstream. Your trip to Paris could be one of the best trips of your life. Doing the activities on our list will make sure that trip is one you’ll never forget.

Take A Picture With The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower was never meant to be such an iconic structure. In fact, when it was built in 1889, the plan was to eventually demolish it. Its initial purpose was to be used for communications transmission. It continues to serve this purpose, but today, it is primarily a landmark and tourist attraction. You can either walk around it, or you can pay a bit more and take an elevator to the top. Though getting to the top is a pricey experience, the view is unbeatable.

Visit The Notre-Dame Cathedral

Another Parisian icon is The Notre-Dame Cathedral. It is considered one of the greatest architectural masterpieces in the entire world. It has the signature gothic style of historic France and took a full 200 years to be built. This attraction is beautiful inside and out, so be sure to take a walk around it before entering.

Spend The Day At The Musee du Louvre

Though France is home to many famous museums, there is none more prestigious than the Louvre. The museum is not only respected in France but is considered one of the premier museums in the entire world. It contains art from many periods and from all around the world. The most famous exhibit is the “Mona Lisa” painting, but there are also thousands of other works to see. This massive building cannot be seen in just one day, so be sure to grab a map and choose the areas you want to explore.

Take A Walk Through Le Marais

If you want to get a taste of historic France, then visit Le Marais. In the past, it was the home of French royalty, and it has retained its vintage energy throughout history. Here, you can experience the quintessential vibe of Paris. You can enjoy old architecture, cobblestone streets, and gorgeous gardens. This is not merely a place to look at, though. There are modern shops and restaurants to keep you well fed and entertained throughout your visit.

Pay Your Respects At The Pere-Lachaise Cemetery

We’ll admit that visiting a cemetery is not a typical vacation activity. That being said, this is not a typical cemetery. The grounds are filled with gorgeous green space and impressive architecture, making it a very peaceful place to walk around and have a quiet afternoon. It is also the resting place of famous people throughout history, from Gertrude Stein to Jim Morrison.

Soak In The Beauty Of The Luxembourg Gardens

The Luxembourg Gardens is the perfect spot to visit for a quiet and peaceful day. It is an incredibly beautiful place to walk around or take a seat and people-watch. We recommend picking up some sandwiches or some other easy lunch before coming. There is no better place in Paris to have a casual meal.

Get Coffee And Brunch At A Historic Cafe

One of the smaller scale activities on our list is a simple meal. Paris is home to perhaps the best cafe scene in the entire world. An hour at the cafe is also one of the best ways to experience the day-to-day energy of the city. You can relax, eat, drink coffee, and observe the culture.

Get A Tour Of Versailles Palace

Versailles is the historic home to French royalty. It is famous for its beautiful architecture, art, and gardens. It is a place of undeniable luxury and a favorite among tourists. Because it is such a popular attraction, we recommend arriving early in the morning. The crowds can be very heavy, so plan accordingly.

Take A Walk

Sometimes when we travel, we get too caught up in seeing every attraction the city has to offer. We schedule too much and miss out on the little things. When you’re in Paris, plan to have no agenda for a full afternoon. Walk the streets, have lunch, and soak in the essence of the city.

Your trip to Paris is sure to be one of the best trips of your life. It has famous tourist attractions, simple everyday beauty, and everything in between. With the help of our guide, you can travel to Paris and not miss a thing.

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