The Best London Has To Offer

The Best London Has To Offer

If you’ve decided to travel to London, you’re not alone. London is the second most visited city in the entire world, seeing up to 20 million tourists per year. This kind of popularity is no accident. As far as cities go, London has it all. Historic landmarks, culture, day-to-day activities, and more. When you make your trip to London, don’t miss the following must-see places.

Buckingham Palace

This palace is the home to the famous Queen Elizabeth II. Though you’re likely not going to meet the queen herself, you can tour most of this royal home. The tour stretches through many rooms filled with art, vintage furniture, and delightful architecture. If you’ve seen any British royalty events, you will recognize famous rooms such as the Throne Room, where Prince William and Catherine Middleton took their wedding photos. Some travel tips include early arrival to beat the crowds, using the free audio tour, and wearing sensible shoes due to the amount of walking involved. If you want to see a famous landmark and be touched by royalty, don’t miss the Buckingham Palace.

Tower of London

Another historic building that focuses on English royalty is the Tower of London. Though it is called a “tower,” the structure is more like a castle, given its size and appearance. It is a slice of medieval Europe nestled into modern London. The hour-long tour mostly consists of seeing ancient artifacts from medieval Europe and hearing stories about the kings and queens of the past. The Tower of London has a somewhat high admission price and can have long lines, but travelers consistently report that it is all worth it.

British Museum

The best collection of culture, art, and history can be found at the famous British Museum. It is considered the best museum in London and one of the best in all of Europe. It features some of the world’s most famous exhibits, such as the Rosetta Stone, along with thousands of smaller attractions. A major perk of visiting the museum is that it’s free. If you want a guided tour, you can pay a bit extra, but thrifty travelers can walk the museum unguided without paying at all.

Westminster Abbey

This gothic church is perhaps the top architectural attraction in all of England, as it features astounding design features inside and out. For history buffs, there is a lot of information, artifacts, and even tombstones for royalty and celebrities of the past. You have the option of self-guiding or purchasing a guided tour of the grounds. Be warned: The crowds at the Abbey can be overwhelming, so either come early in the morning or prepare to move slowly.

Piccadilly Circus

After seeing all of these historic London attractions, you’ll probably want something a bit more modern. Piccadilly Circus can give you just that. It is often compared to Times Square in New York due to how busy and full of life it is. You can come during the day for some lunch and people watching, or you can experience the best of London nightlife by visiting when the sun goes down.

Hyde Park & Kensington Gardens

For a relaxing break from the city life, visit Hyde Park and the Kensington Gardens. These green spaces were once private recreation areas for royalty and the city elites but now has been opened for public use. It features paths for walking or biking, fountains, sculptures, and seating areas. We recommend getting a sandwich or some other easy lunch at a nearby cafe, then coming to the park for a casual picnic. You can relax and recharge before heading out to a more hectic attraction the next day.

Your trip to London has the potential to be one of the best trips of your life. You can see awe-inspiring sites and make memories that you’ll never forget. With the help of our guide, you will make that happen. Once you’re done hitting the must-see spots, you can move on to the smaller attractions that are every bit as charming. Enjoy your trip!

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