The Foodie’s Guide To Stockholm

The Foodie’s Guide To Stockholm

When you think of Swedish food, one major dish comes to mind: Swedish Meatballs. Though Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, has a quite a few meatball specialists, the city also has a diverse range of cuisines from all over the world. You can find everything from street food to luxury dining in Stockholm, so no matter what price range you’re targeting, you can find something delicious. Your trip to Stockholm is sure to be a fantastic one, but you can make it the best it can be by eating at the best restaurants. We list our favorites below.

Oaxen Krog & Slip

The charm of this restaurant starts with location. It lies right on the shoreline of one of Stockholm’s city islands, Djurgården. Inside, the nautical theme matches the setting. They serve food that is described as Nordic bistro. The beauty of this location is that it is split up into two different restaurants. Krog is the luxury half which features more creative and expensive dishes. Slip is the other, which is a bit more casual and has more substantial portions. Both halves of this restaurant have won various food and wine awards, so whichever matches your taste best is a can’t-miss option.


Nook is the ultimate Swedish fusion restaurant. Head chef Claes Grännsjö is Korean-born and brings that culture to his dishes. He offers Korean dishes as well as Swedish dishes with an Asian twist. One thing that makes dining here especially pleasurable is its set menus. If you choose from them, every course will be designed to fit with the others. You can also go with individual items if you’d like.

Lilla Ego

This restaurant is a bit of a paradox. Its name translates to “little ego,” and the interior is very simple and homey. At the same time, the restaurant has such a fantastic reputation that you often have to book your reservation weeks in advance. The food is simple but very delicious. They focus mostly on vegetables and seafood but have a variety of options. If you don’t have a reservation but are dying to visit Lilla Ego, you can try to get a seat at the bar.


If you’re after a great view, this is the restaurant for you. It is perched high in the sky, giving you an exceptional view of both the surrounding city and the harbor nearby. Once you dive into the menu, you won’t be disappointed. Gondolen offers delicious Swedish cuisine and a fantastic dessert menu. If you enjoy having a few drinks, this restaurant is especially good. Travelers rave about both their wine list and cocktails.

Meatballs For The People

Finally, we get to the meatballs. Unfortunately, many of the meatball specialists in Stockholm are really just tourist traps. They offer subpar food and expect travelers to eat at them anyways. Avoid this trap by visiting Meatballs For The People. They serve amazing meatball-based dishes and have an excellent selection of wine and beers. If you want to eat your Swedish Meatballs like a local, visit this restaurant.

Sushi Sho

This Asian influenced restaurant is the creation of the famous chef Carl Ishizaki. Ishizaki is changing the Stockholm food scene by packing his heritage into fantastic dishes at Sushi Sho. In fact, Sushi Sho is the first Asian restaurant in Sweden to receive a Michelin star, which is one of the highest honors in the restaurant world. If you choose to visit this restaurant, be sure to book your reservation far in advance. It is incredibly exclusive, seating only 20 people at a time.

Taverna Brillo

For travelers seeking a taste of Italy during their Stockholm adventure, there is no better place than Taverna Brillo. The menu is filled with classic Italian cuisines such as pasta and pizza, and has higher priced meat options as well. Our recommendation is to go with the pizza, which travelers seem to like best.

Stockholm generally isn’t known for its food scene, but it should be. Between their diverse range of cuisines and variety of prices ranges, Stockholm has something for everyone. Stick to our guide, and you’re sure to be satisfied throughout your trip.

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