Android Location Tracking App

My Location Best Places App

Share locations with friends, see your current location, save places, and much more.

My location app features

Share location

Share your location with both android and iPhone devices

Save places

Save and organise your places with collections, its easier than ever.

Live location

Share live location on android with anyone with just a simple click.

Android Location Tracking App

Current location

See your current location on android, within seconds.

Explore nearby

Explore nearby places, see what is around you.

Track location

Record your tracks and share them with your friends.

The My Location Android Location Sharing AppĀ  is the Quickest and Easiest Way to Share Your Location on android, save places, and much more.

How to share location on android

With the my location it is very easy to share your location on android, you can share your current location, or any other location you select from the map with your friends and family, with only two clicks.

Share live location on android

You can share your live location from your phone with anyone, and your friends will be able to see it without even downloading the app. view the video that shows how to share your live location.

How to save different locations

With the Android Location Tracking Application App you can easily save any location within the app, the saving locations feature is very useful for anyone looking to visit a new city, or just have all the favorite locations easily accessible on the map.

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